We asked: what is it that lights your spark, makes your mind sing?

Your work of inspiration had to form a circle, other than that it was open to your creativity. We received some truly innovative entries so picking a winner was challenging! But one really excelled when it came to the judging criteria, and here it is...

#IGotThis #Inspirations@deloittecareersuk My inspiration is OCD. It is something that although I don't talk about every day, it is always a part of my life. However this is not necessarily in a negative way! I find that a lot of mental disorders have stereotypes. It is so easy to be guilty of seeing a mental disorder in a certain way purely for its name before you really know much about it (I used to be guilty of this too). I used to not have a single clue what OCD was - of course I'd heard the sayings like 'oh I'm so OCD about having my pens in colour order' and silly things like that, but unfortunately for a lot of people it's a lot more than just worrying about the colour order of pens. I am not going to explain how OCD can affect a person's life as it's probably not something a lot of my followers are interested in, but I just wanted to say that although it can ruin my day completely, I wouldn't change my brain for the world. It is so satisfying to be able to draw what I feel in my brain because of OCD (gaaah that sounds cheesy). People are artists for many different reasons but personally, I honestly feel as though my drawings would not look at all the same if it wasn't me having OCD. Art has allowed me to find an alternative way of 'using' OCD in every day life. It helps me turn something that can sometimes be a real inconvenience in my life into something that I use to help identify my personality. This photo is a collection of drawings I've done in my personal journal. I don't really talk about OCD on here because it is something that doesn't really need to be shared on social media, but the drawings I post every day on here are a way of me secretly posting my feelings about it. Even though OCD doesn't necessarily always look present in my artwork, it is such a nice feeling to post things that I draw to help communicate how OCD feels knowing that each person will have a completely different interpretation of the artwork
I wrote a poem and presented my work as a working clock for its significant reasons I will share. Inspiration is portrayed through words, but each word is engraved to inspire, feel, and connect. Why does it inspire me? As I look at the clock, it looks back at me; through time, through each second we experience, I want to make the most of what we have in this existing world wherever we may be. The clock compliments the poem and its true meaning where I create the atmosphere in the sense of any person in desperation and rush; desperation meaning the 'want' and the miss thought to ignore the surroundings around us in a world where we feel lost and incomplete. If we can change the way we see things, the feeling of being inspired is a feeling so free that we have the ability to try, and appreciate the things we see from the things we don't even think about; as little as a fish or as big as a tree. 'Time will disintegrate as it travels past my life, the thought of a world that will eventually tick by'. This line is powerful in describing how I feel about inspiration because reading this makes me realize that time will pass by quicker if we do not look up, open up our minds and be present, breathing in the air from the world to feel alive. This subsequently transforms my way of thinking into a new world where I'm inspired from the nature to have my own power to live. Once this inspiration takes over, the sense to believe in your own creation can be the difference of a life that almost slipped and a life with your own meaning to exist. I photographed the picture in the background of the clock which is a reflection of trees into a puddle, but I changed the hue to blue to showcase the colors of the world which also depicts nature in a tranquil way. The peace and serenity of the photograph juxtaposes with the 'fierce' tone of the poem which is inspiring because I create the illusion that water can destroy fire; a strong belief in a world we take for granted can be crystallized into a place where we are happy and free, and that's inspiring. Anything is possible once our perspective is shaped to a key that sets us free. Whatever it may be, me? The thought of time ticking away and the thought of missing out. Missing out a story we forgot to read
What inspires me? My little sister. Mia inspires me to do well and be a good role model for her in the future. She is the reason I strive to work my best and she always puts a smile on my face?? #inspirations #igotthis @deloittecareersuk
You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. -Dr Seuss #IGotThis #Inspirations @DeloitteCareersUK
One of my main inspirations to pursue my passions and goals in life is in hope that they help me to visit Japan, I find the culture and land completely fascinating. Contemporary and historical Japanese art has really influenced my own art. I was lucky enough to visit Japan two years ago in order to visit my brother who was living there and teaching English, it was just incredible and so beneficial to my art and passion for computer science. The painting is of the area where my brother lived, Town Toya in Hokkaido, which is inside a caldera. The contrast between Tokyo and the quaint town was huge, but I loved both. I long to return. @deloittecareersuk #igotthis#inspirations / I decided to focus on people who have inspired me throughout my life to create, think and make every effort to achieve my goals. [top left] To start, @destinyblue, a fantastic digital artist, her attitude and art inspired me to continue the skill that I love against the somewhat of a stigma surrounding the medium, she recently completed the London Marathon in aid of Mind Charity, I am very proud of her. [Top right] Second are my own parents, the two most dedicated and hardworking people that I know, I owe everything to them. [Left] Next is Frank Turner, my favourite musician of all time, his lyrics, to me, are amazing and express many of my own thoughts better than I ever could. [left middle] Brienne of Tarth, straight from the mind of George.R.R.Martin is bound by her honour and her morals, which I try to model myself after. [right middle] @doddleoddle is a youtube musician and all round lovely person, she proves that the little people, when dedicated to their art, can find success through it. [right] My favourite poet, Sarah Kay, is again inspiring due to her dedication and skill; she runs Project Voice to encourage today's youth to express themselves through poetry. [bottom right] Ellie, from my favourite video game The Last of Us, is driven and strong and inspiring, even if she is made from 1s and 0s. [bottom left] And finally Hayao Miyazaki, the producer and lead animator behind the amazing "Studio Ghibli" a Japanese animation film studio whose creations I hold as some of the best creations ever made. @deloittecareersuk #igotthis #inspirations / This mixed media piece is meant to embody all the things that inspire and that I enjoy. In the centre is a self-portrait of how I see myself, with my large boots and long hair. Surrounding me is pen drawings of all my inspirations, dedications to my favourite books, music, architecture, video games and much more. Then surrounding that is a collage of things which have collected from places I�ve been which have inspired me, such as my Japan rail pass, tickets to concerts and tickets to exhibitions which I have found particularly driving. Inspiration surrounds me every day and I try my best to take it all in! @deloittecareersuk #igotthis #inspirations
The inspiration for this piece was from my trip to Iceland a couple of years ago. In Reykjavik, I stumbled across a piece of architecture unlike anything I had seen on the internet or in real life before: The Harpa Opera House stood out to me immediately with its overbearing size, irregular glass windows and overall uniqueness. I love all types of art, especially the range of creative ideas and its widespread availability. All you need is a pencil and paper. However, I can't help but marvel over physical art, be it sculptures, statues or buildings. It is the physical creations like the Harpa that inspire me with my own designs and make me realise that creativity can be intertwined with form and function. The sky is the other major standout feature of my piece. I decided to go with vines of wavy clouds flowing through a bright orange sky as a contrast to the definition on the side of the building. I love seeing rare skies like these as viewing it is always a new experience to inspire happiness.
Deloitte Careers UK I am inspired by musical composition. I enjoy exploring the connection between mood and music. #IGotThis #Inspirations
My inspiration in one take - The earth is a geoid of infinite inspirations. The nature collaborates itself with the vibrant colours which never cease to impress my eyes. The roads not taken just provide another challenge to traverse across the routes of creativity and inspirations to live my dream: My dream of filling every spare page of my life's book with vivid thoughts and Melancholy feelings while feeling the languid synthetic colours dance upon my skin. The colours fill the canvas; the feeling of immense pleasure running through my veins when every thought finds a curl of letters rearranged to form words which causes an adrenaline rush. Oh it's passion unceasing. #IGotThis #Inspiration @DeloitteCareersUK Travel to gain experience - see and listen the voice of nature - part vivid imaginations with patterns of alphabets The earth is a geoid of infinite inspirations. The nature collaborates itself with the vibrant colours which never cease to impress my eyes. The roads not taken just provide another challenge to traverse across the routes of creativity and inspirations to live my dream: My dream of filling every spare page of my life's book with vivid thoughts and Melancholy feelings while feeling the languid synthetic colours dance upon my skin. The colours fill the canvas; the feeling of immense pleasure running through my veins when every thought finds a curl of letters rearranged to form words which causes an adrenaline rush. Oh it's passion unceasing. #IGotThis #Inspiration @DeloitteCareersUK Travel to gain experience - see and listen the voice of nature - part vivid imaginations with patterns of alphabets
I found inspiration at a recent Amnesty Youth Conference, where there was reference to a young girl who had fled Syria. At around 6 years old, she had no home. But, when offered a sweet, the girl chose to share it. She dreamt that, one day, more people would be willing to share. This young girl and others like her are what inspire me the most. She probes me to adopt a more compassionate outlook on life, starting with small actions, like sharing. Her strong, selfless and almost angelic attitude show that in the midst of the worst conditions is where you can witness the best of humanity. I sincerely hope that we can achieve some version of her dream. If I were to win any money, I would want to use it to visit Calais to meet and help inspirational people like this young girl. If possible, I would also like to help people in more distant parts of the world.
As a drag artist I am very inspired by gender 'blurring' and makeup (I made the outfit myself yes gawd) #IGotThis #Inspirations @deloittecareersuk #drag #dragqueen #queen #teen #teendrag #teenqueen #teendragqueen #acacia #dragrace #gay #gayteen #boyinmakeup #maletofemale #makeup #makeupartist
"To travel is to live"
"The picture I drew is to show my aspiration of never give up by using the incomplete circle and also, the most and the life changing inspiration was given by doctor profession; which I wish to become. Thank you so much for giving such an opportunity to be able to express the inspiration that each individual has"
"This piece is inspired by the stories that are able to help shape our lives from childhood, and while we may not understand the morals that they express, they help to guide us through life. Fairy tales are able to add that little bit of magic to our otherwise mundane world that allows us believe in our dreams and help us to accomplish our goals. It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
One thing I am hugely passionate about is politics i love having friendly debates with my peers and find solutions to problems and issues. I often look at devisions in politics today and wonder what I would do in that situation and i aim to understand others choices as well. I am especially passionate about people politics and am proud to call myself an active feminist. I am currently working toward positive social change by helping and interacting with the homeless in my local area through weekly volunteering. It is vital for me to help make a difference to this world, as well as each other.
Music has always been inspiring and has gotten me through a lot. The label is comprised of lyrics #igotthis #inspirations @DeloitteStudent
Baking is my passion. I used to bake with my granny and my mother as a child and it's a hobby which has followed me through the years. I finish my AS levels at the end of this term and I have applied to move on to get my Professional Cookery qualifications. To do so will take me three years, after which I will be able to get my Foundation Degree in Culinary Arts in alignment with the Southern Regional College and Ulster University. Baking and cooking is something which I see as an open world of endless possibility. Something needed worldwide, it allows any individual who pursues it to be creative and unique. No two chefs are the same and each and every meal has its own twist. I find this to be inspirational and it reflects the way our world can be shaped. It takes only one small ingredient to make the biggest difference.
Language inspires me. It's how we inspire others. One of the most powerful things in the world #IGotThis #Inspirations @DeloitteStudent
Hello there. I am 17 and keen to enter your lovely #IGotThis competition I have made a circular college of my life's achievements, inspirations and dreams.. to be a world class mountain climber / explorer and to complete some first ascents for Britain. My collage starts with small circles for when I was little. I was always climbing and loved all outdoor adventures. The circles grow larger as my challenges grew. I learnt to climb and abseil, until I progressed to the big snowy mountains of the Alps. I am still aiming high with my first trip to the Himalayas this Summer. I am currently Britain's Young Mountaineer of the year and about to head off to the Himalayas for 5 weeks in August with the charity; 'British Exploring Society' to study glacial retreat, community work and to try some British first ascents of the mountains. I have had to raise �3400 to partake in the trip and I have done it !! Amongst other things, I spent a sponsored weekend at my local climbing wall, aiming to climb the height of Everest! I climbed 7600m in 2x 8 hours shifts, just short of the summit!!! I was featured on the local TV and newspapers. Over the next 2 years I would love to train for my ML (mountain leadership) on a course at Plays Brennin Outdoor Centre in N. Wales. This will enable me to follow my chosen career of becoming an expedition leader. I am also a Explorer Scout and in 2015 I went on an expedition with Schools Worldwide to Vietnam. I would love to be an expedition leader with this company as they introduce teenagers to wonderful experiences and I love working with children. (I volunteer every Saturday morning at our local community centre coaching youngsters at tennis) So if I was lucky enough to win support from your wonderful competition I would hope to further my skills and qualifications to achieve my dream career. Where will my last circle find me ?? Thank-you so much
This is for the @deloittecareersuk #igotthis #inspirations competition - If I were asked what inspires me most, the first thing to come to mind is a city, as they never fail to give me a buzz, a little bit of excitement and an added interest into the world. - There's always so much happening in them, and so much room for creativity, whether that be with photography, physical art or digital design. As you walk through them, you notice all these unusual little details if you look closely enough, like the architecture, the graffiti, and all the thought that goes into even the design of city benches. Berlin specifically being a place full of culture and history, bits of which are demonstrated here with the Brandenburg gate, etc..
What inspires me? I took this photo in 2015 at the Chinese Pavilion in the World Showcase in Epcot, Orlando. Visually, the ceiling immediately captured my attention as the design was so intricate and vibrant. I consider myself to be creative and I am always searching for inspiration through the work of others to help pursue my own individual expressive style. Walking around the pavilion gave me an insight to Chinese culture and has stimulated my curiosity, towards, not only Chinese art history but other cultures also. #IGotThis #Inspirations #epcot #worldshowcase #templeofheaven #orlando #amateurphotography @deloittecareersuk
Michelle Obama is my inspiration because she has become a role model for all women and she has managed to combine a family with a challenging career : law, and has also helped a number of inspiring causes which I find are directly relevant to me and my peers. For example, she has done a lot of work focusing on healthy eating, exercise and has spoken often about mental health. At the same time she has been able to retain a sense of humour : for instance her James Corden appearance, and also humility : the way she speaks so passionately shows she genuinely believes in what she says. Her gender and race makes her able to reach out to so many people of all ages and as such, I feel she is one of the most influential and inspiring people of our era. #IGotThis inspiration @deloittecareersuk
Drain covers. Cool drain covers. I love how design can turn things people ignore into cool stuff that inspires those who look at their feet. #IGotThis #inspirations @deloittecareersuk
@DeloitteStudent #IGotThis #Inspirations circles consist of infinite straight lines, unlike success which is never straight but never ends
What inspires me? The world. The vast range of cultures, traditions, landscape and adventure. From the architecture to the street performers, every aspect of the city lights up with a sea of colour. I wish to become part of that movement and explore these wonders throughout my life, piece by piece until they all fit together and the collage is complete. That's my passion, my inspiration and may the world teach me its most valuable lessons.
This piece is about my Nanny Joyce who sadly passed away.
Growing up in the Philippines, it inspires me to become someone unique. It helped to find who I really am and what I want to do in life. Music is my life, if I only could pause the negative and skip the sad moment and replay the good memories. Moving to the UK, wasn't the easiest thing to do. I faced a lot of challenges, but because of my family and friends, they inspired me to just keep moving forward and made me feel that I can do anything that I want to do. I got a passion for fashion, it's one of the things that I want to do in the future. Making something isn't just stitching fabrics together, it also represents my life, it used to be in pieces but if you worked hard and put it all together it could create something nice that everyone will like. The dream catcher represents my goal in life, I want to catch my dream and make everyone proud, especially my mum, who is my hero. Like my favourite quote say "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." You wouldn't be able to achieve anything if you're not going to start it, that's why this is what inspires me. #IGotThis #Inspirations
I am inspired by the stories of people around, Loss of loved ones and Appreciation.@DeloitteStudent #IGotThis #Inspirations
What inspires me is my youngest brother. He has just turned 5 and his lifetime has been spent under various consultants and has undergone many medical test. My brother has autism and is non-verbal. He never stops smiling and due to him we are all learning sign language. He has many pleasures in his life and has brought us all together to assist him wherever we can and brightens our day! His winning smile melts the hearts of all that meet him and he is a true inspiration and a blessing in our life. He inspires me as he makes me complete aware of people battling in silence and that actions are louder than words. The well recognised symbol/colours of the jigsaw pieces within my project represent people coming together as one to show support and raise awareness for autism and what better tome to so than April which is autism awareness month. Happy Birthday little man.
Business cards ? banner ? website ? businesses involved ? only thing left for this app is..... the app itself! #igotthis #inspiration Deloitte Careers UK
// CreativeCoding - Ryan Maugin // #IGotThis #Inspirations // Source code: https://thimbleprojects.org/ryanmaugin/252849
This is for the @deloittecareersUK #igotthis #inspirations Im inspired by the world and the people around me, I find my biggest inspiration to be nature , because in nature you find beauty in the most unexpected places, and by embracing nature and the world around you, i find that your heart is oppened up to an endless stream of possibilites the world has to offer. Through this I have found my love for photography and Im constantly inspired by things I see and want to capture them , my entry Is a collage of my own photography and inspirations and captures how I perceive the world
I'm inspired by my rich heritage and Migos' 'CULTURE'. The message behind the album is simple yet so purposeful: "It�s time to let the culture be known. It�s time to claim it."�#IGotThis#Inspirations�#Nepal�#Migos
My inspiration and love is pole dance! #IGotThis #Inspirations@deloittecareersuk
#IGotThis #Inspirations Economics+Entrepreneurship inspires me to not take anything for granted and strive for improvement
Fashion is deeply superficial. It's the frivolous narration of our time. It's about us. #IGotThis #inspirations @DeloitteCareers
There are many things that inspire me, and its very difficult to choose one. However in my passion for baking an egg could simply inspire me. It inspires me to bake. It can inspire me to travel, to experience new flavours and recipes, to push myself and learn. And it inspires my dream, to work and open my own bakery. #IGotThis #Inspirations @DeloitteCareersUk
Colour Poem A girl who seemed so fiery and bright Wasn't who everyone thought she was She could barely sleep at night With thoughts of sadness running through her mind All she needed was a bit of colour in her life Every day she passed her in the street Thinking "If only she could be" If only she could be the one to complete her life It was her that she knew would be the colour in her life Her mind was grey The world black and white Her thoughts were her shadows She lived with no light No laughter, joy or heart-warming feelings But then when she saw her she could start believing Believing that colour was possible in her life Believing that she could see more than black and white Believing everything that she could see Not in black and white, in colour it seemed Confused and aware She was scared That the colour she has found Would be washed away with her tears But one day at the bus stop Came her luck And the girl with colour stopped and stared "Excuse me" she said It was so weird The colour in her life magically appeared Buses were no longer grey But were red and bright The sky was no longer white This girl had brought colour into her life Rainbows and unicorns flooded the sky Colours were everywhere It was all a delight She replied back to the girl with "Hello, my name's Kate" The girl said "I didn't mean to stare but you are so beautiful, are you straight?" Kate said "No, I'm far from straight, I'm guessing you're not either, that's kind of great" The girl said "No, I'm not straight, the colourful life is the way" They both giggled and walked away And that was the story of the girl who saw nothing but grey A colourless world was all she saw Until the girl came along And altered her views A girl who was so depressed And saw no colour Fell in love And after this she lived in colour
The opportunity to protect wildlife. Although I have created pieces of art that represent my motivation to explore nature's beauty and venture into the wild, what really inspires me to move and act is the opportunity to protect the wildlife on Earth and the animals we share it with. Whether that is by changing my lifestyle step by step, such as becoming a vegan or starting my zero waste journey; educating and inspiring other people to care for the environment, such as creating artwork with a message or writing and presenting assemblies to my whole school; or whether it is simply by finding the opportunity to explore nature and appreciate the natural world. Therefore, I chose to illustrate elements of the wildlife that inspires me to actively care for the environment so that eventually I will be working on conservation projects myself to heal our planet and allow nature to thrive.
So this is my piece for the @deloittecareersuk #IGotThis #Inspirations conpetition. I am inspired to create my daily animations from the usual range of sources, but the fastest way for me is Tumblr. I follow a range of interesting accounts and accumulate things that I find impressive, technically and/ or aesthetically, so that I can try and figure out how they're made.
Painting and cooking inspires me to learn and explore whilst connecting with others and relaxing! #IGotThis #Inspiration
Travelling and experiencing different cultures inspires me. Taking myself out of my comfort zone to go shark cage diving and swing across a canyon is scary and thrilling all at the same time! Deloitte Careers UK #IGotThis #Inspiration
What inspires me? Helping others and making a difference. #IGotThis #Inspiration #Deloitte #smallthingsmakeabigimpact #volunteerwork #foodbank @deloittecareersuk
My name is Gabrielle and my inspiration is the sense of community that comes from giving back to society. Last year, I challenged myself to volunteer more and use my skills to help whenever or wherever it was needed. This challenge ended up being the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I became a team leader for a social and health project, called Project Light. The primary purpose was to help the homeless in the community. This involved doing bake sales; where I used my baking skills to bak a rainbow and red velvet cake. It also involved serving breakfasts at food banks and working at the Citizens Advice Bureau. It was truly an enriching project and the sense of community that I felt as an international student was overwhelming. I also felt this sense of community when I was appointed as the webmaster of my law society. The incredible support that everyone gave each other was astounding. I could use my coding skills to enhance the engagement of students with the society and it also allowed me to improve myself. I am now officially the chairperson of the law society and it was amazing getting the support of people that i had encountered from being a part of this community. Currently, I volunteer at a day care for Syrian Refugee kids. I have derived a great amount of joy and inspiration from being a part of this community. I look forward to going and helping with the kids. I look forward to learning how to make loom band jewellery and seeing amazing people regardless of faith working together for a common good. I am inspired by the joy, happiness and love derived from the sense of community that i get from giving back to society. It is truly an amazing feeling and I do hope that I can use this opportunity to learn skills that would be utilised in every community that I am a part of.
I am inspired by music and the imagery that a song/album can create @DeloitteStudent #IGotThis #Inspirations
As a volunteer for the British Red Cross for the last three years, I have seen how, despite living in a modern world, millions a year are impacted by natural disasters, famine, warm and drought. I ave found it almost criminal that I have access to more than i could ever need whilst others are suffering. Something more needs to be done. My passion for maths and science lead to me learning to program and i will be starting a computer science degree next year. I find it beautiful that a simple collection of binary digits can make solutions to some of the world�s biggest issues, saving lives in the process. My aim is to use my technical skills to make a positive impact to the world around me. Do we really need another social media app when our greatest technological minds could be solving the water crisis? In a digital age, technology is incredibly lucrative so I find it inspiring when people push aside the possibility to making vast amounts of money to improve the lives of others. the world would be a much better place if everyone was that selfless.
We're all just the same. Made of stardust. That's what inspires me most.? #IGotThis #Inspirations @DeloitteStudent
#igotthis #inspiration #aubgraphics #aftereffects @DeloitteCareersUK My inspiration is aftereffect. When I start playing around with simple movements to gain beautiful outcomes. Creating eye catching and exciting visuals is my inspiration. Because I love it and it excites me.
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